Letter from your New Executive Director

Aloha Hawaii Hemophilia Foundation Ohana,

The Hawaii Hemophilia Foundation (HHF) now has a full time employee.  After many years of working a full time job, raising a family of 5 children and building the HHF in what little spare time I had, I have been given the opportunity to serve as your Executive Director.  The National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF) has given us a grant for the next two years.  Thanks to NHF, I have now been given the opportunity to run, build and bring many more chances to the Hawaii community to unite together as an Ohana.

Well, it has been a rough first six months, but very exciting! What an amazing organization we have. I have felt incredibly supported by NHF, our Board of Directors, and the HTC staff. They have made this transition smooth and seamless, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

I am so excited to take this journey into HHF and I can promise you some exciting things are coming down the pipeline.  My focus for the year, as determined by the Board of Directors, is to bring the community together.  Our Chapter is in a wonderful place. The organization is strong, the programming is in a good starting position, all policies and procedures are in place and now…WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!  Please email me at hawaiihemophiliafoundation@hotmail.com!

We want to hear from YOU – what you’d like to see in your Chapter. What interests do YOU have? What education are YOU lacking? What do YOU need in terms of community? Do you feel like YOU are being listened to? What does YOUR family want from your Hawaii Chapter?

My job in the next year… is to listen.  We’ve taken the steps to make the Chapter strong and sustainable and now…let’s bring everybody together. con·nect

1. to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind.

2. to establish communication between; put in communication.

3. to have as an accompanying or associated feature.

4. to cause to be associated, as in a personal or business relationship: to connect oneself with a group of like-minded persons.

5. to associate mentally or emotionally.



Jennifer Chun Executive Director

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One Response to Letter from your New Executive Director

  1. Cinda Hueu says:

    I love the website and you are doing a fantastic job as executive director.

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